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Ti Amo
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when Jae's troll failed
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Manager's Song Jaejoong - 1,238 plays


"Oh… Oh, it’s cold. (laugh) Oh, it’s cold… Oh, It’s very cold.
My body is frozen and almost dying. (laugh)
Oh… My manager… is very good at playing billiards
Why my manager eats so much?
I don’t know either… I don’t know either.
Na na na na na na na…
Da da da la la la la…
Da da da la la la la…
La la la… ta la la… la la la la… (4365463267 times)
My manager is fat because of overeating (laugh)
He’s eating ramen again
He’s eating a cup ramen
He’s gaining too much (weight) and he can’t do his job
So, I want him to go on a diet
Oh… so I’m not f-fat.”

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2 → favorite era // mirotic + wrong number
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2/2: seduce ALL the members

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